I'm blessed to be married to an amazing woman with whom I share three beautiful daughters, a sassy shih tzu (rescued) and a big ole' goofy chocolate lab (also rescued). When I'm not doing books and taxes, reading up on changing tax law or running my own business I am most likely engrossed in a good book, playing my bass, listening to classic jazz or blues or just washing my car (which is never clean enough).

After we're done talking about your accounting needs we can move on to talking about music, cars or guitars. Looking forward to it!

To verify my New York State CPA license:
  • Please click here after reading directions. This is the New York State Office of the Professions search page. Use the "Search By Name Within a Profession" option. You will find a drop down list of professions
  • "Accountant, Certified Public" is the very first option in the drop down list. Highlight that.
  • The box below this drop down asks for the CPA's name
  • Enter "Zarabet Howard. Press "Search". You will see my NYS CPA license status